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Fulfill your dream to become an artist. Artistic talent is in everyone. This artistic side is present in all of us, whether we know it or not. Every student who signs up for the Losina Method Online Mastermind Classes is trained to become a competent painter IN ONE YEAR.

Olya Losina - Artist/Founder

Olya Losina has been teaching since receiving her MFA in studio art from Moscow University, Russia. As the creator of the Losina Method of accelerated art training and co-founder of Prima Materia Art Institute,  Ms. Losina has made it her mission to elevate art education to the status of literacy. She has worked with  hundreds of high-school students to prepare them for acceptance at the top universities in the US and Europe.

When evaluating the work of young artists, one of the key criteria is the fresh voice, that unique point of view that children so powerfully convey through their art. Curating and serving as a juror for local art exhibitions  and competitions, Ms Losina’s way to give back to the community is to give validation through exposure of their work.

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We help people discover their artistic potential. You think you have no talent? We’ll prove you are talented,  or your money back! Learn the skills of the artist. Fulfill your dream to become an artist

Student testimonials

I’ve been taking art classes at the studio for a few years and have loved every minute. This year, I’ve been taking classes on Zoom and have learned even more than I expected. I’m not a Zoom fan in general…I prefer the in person experience. But, I must say Prima Materia has done an outstanding job recreating the learning environment online. And maybe even more importantly, the sense of community the studio has always had, may have even grown stronger online. It’s such a pleasant mix of art instruction, formal and informal, plus meaningful and fun discussions with other members.

For any art lover, with a curiosity and desire to find and express her/himself, should check Losina Art Center. No matter where you are with your art skills and confidence, Olya is there to guide you. She definitely has a unique talent to teach you to ‘see’, to observe the world from a different perspective, to help you comprehend what you have not seen before. Pure fun and lots of self discovery through art!

Amanda, Emerging Artist

“Olya, it has been great to work with you as my coach for my postgraduate studies, I really appreciate your support, understanding and guidance. You have a wonderful way of teaching that has been truly inspiring. In these past months I’ve grown artistically and feel lucky to have begun my program with you as my teacher! Thank you!”

Prima Materia Institute is giving college level of education to the beginner and quickly advancing you to intermediate and advanced. They are kind, constructive and give you the tools to see reality and depict it. Each lesson teaches a new approach to art so you can develop your own voice and style. They teach art history through doing. To see what I have made since COVID alone, visit audrey_eisele_art on Instagram. Except for a couple personal projects there, the rest were all taught in 2020.

I am a big fun of Prima Materia and I highly recommend it for its professional approach, diversity, great instructors and love for art. They have been giving back to community through free art classes since the beginning of Covid-19. It’s time to appreciate them in return. You won’t regret it! Any level, any style, from beginner to professional art portfolio… you’ll find it there

I’ve been studying with Olya Losina for the past eight months. I truly enjoyed every class with her and our discussions outside the class. It’s probably not for people who just try to grab some techniques and leave. It’s a place where you delve deeper into the world of fine arts with each project you work on and develop an impressive body of artworks with Olya’s gentle guidance. Olya often shows you the work of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Bonnard and Matisse etc to explain certain concept, and she really sets the bar as to what fine art should look like. I highly recommend Losina Art Center
My interest in neuroscience allows me to apply that knowledge in my teaching and be more effective in accelerating the process of learning from years and months to just hours. The result of transforming the mind is that my students learn not only faster, but effortlessly.
Teaching for me is an incredible boost of energy. I am simply connecting people to their innate inborn ability It's an amazing experience to watch people convert to artists in a matter of a few hours.
Art is a life-changing experience; it never seizes to amuse me watching my students convert into passionate, talented, thinking artists with a forever transformed way how they see the world.

Private Coaching Online

Olya Losina offers private coaching to advanced & working artists. Check the requirements to qualify..Rates start at $ 1399 an hour. Find out how to qualify.

Robert Hessler - Artist

What Happens When a Renowned Scientist Tries Art.

Robert Hessler is a world renowned scientist, diver, professor, and marine biologist. Successful artist can now officially be added to that list thanks to the Losina Method, a community of inspiration.

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