How the Losina Method works.

Losina teaching method derives from Olya’s studies in Soviet Russia, bringing a cross-cultural feel to her mastermind classes. Her extensive knowledge in art, as well as her investigation into the psychology of learning, allows her to connect to the subconscious of her students, causing effortless learning. This effectiveness comes from her ability to see each individual’s way of accepting new information. Connected to the student’s style of learning she helps the artist to find his/her artistic uniqueness, tap into their highest potential and eventually . Once the right brain is awakened, she sees and addresses the self-imposed limits and offers a specific remedy  –  this skill of “playing chess with everyone on their board”, is what sets Olya apart as a coach/teacher. Her student acquire greater artistic ability and freedom with any subject, in any format.

Those who have studied with Olya, call her class ‘transformational’ and “life-changing experience” that forever transforms the way they see the world. However, driving may become hazardous as you are constantly distracted by “looking at everything”: “I study the raindrops on my windshield while driving, as it is exciting to understand the principle of reflection and see how it works”, as one student expressed it. Olya’s class, seamlessly slipping in and out of science and language, expands the notion of art from just “copying” to “creating through understanding”; her artistic guidance is aimed at developing artistic intuition and opening the mind’s eye.